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I was just curious about genuine, actual fruit and your preference! Sorry.

It’s ok! This isn’t your fault. Like I said, I’ve been drawing porn for so long that my mind’s in the gutter most of the time. But when it comes to fruit I really don’t have a pref between those two.

Never stop being awesome. Deal?

Done c:

Ok, I think that is enough TMI Tuesday for this week. It’s time for me to wind down for the evening, and let me just give a BIG OLD THANK YOU to everyone that has been supporting me in just about damn near every way with my project, my work, and with me.

Seriously guys, you almost had me crying I was so full of fuzzy happy feelings c:>

that person was astoundingly rude. they are basically saying to "give up". but I say if this doesn't get funded, simply find another crowd funding source that doesn't require the 100%, contact the people who pledged, see if there's anything you need to refine with the campaign. poo on that anon, you've done this before, know what you're doing & how it goes, and certainly have longtime fans of your art. that ish just sounded like things my jealous mother would say to troll me.

also, I don’t think the campaign will fail, so. it’s asking for a modest amount. I just watched Jon Macy’s campaign jump up by $5k in its last week and make its goal. there certainly IS a demand for gay art out there!

Like one of my friends pointed out with a reblog of one of my asks: Only $500 out of $5k to go.

People have already shown they are interested in this, that they support me in this, and I wouldn’t have attempted the OffBeatr, or my new site if I didn’t have a backup plan or the possibility that people wouldn’t care.

I’ve had a few people tell me that a lot of pitches on Kickstarter and Offbeatr always seem to get a flood of pledges towards the end rather than right at the beginning, to hold in there and not think this would fail, and I hold high hopes that I’ll still make it too c:

I just want to say, fuck whatever hetero douche-canoe it was that had the audacity to go "well if you're not getting the money fast enough gay art isn't worth while" essentially. Get that entitled straight boy nonsense out of here, trying to act like just because we're some minority we shouldn't matter and you should forgo it? Gtfo. Keep up the fantastic work, Ack!

Aaaw, I think I know which one of my friends this is, and thank you man for your continued support c: You have to listen to me gripe constantly about my art and job woes, and honestly I have no idea how you guys put up with me lol

But there is an excellent point in here that just because what I’m switching to is niche doesn’t mean I should just ignore it. Shit, this could allow me to carve out a good spot in an otherwise unsaturated market. Only time will tell!

I wish I had money to donate, I would! Just saw that last anon and thought i'd show some moral support for doing what YOU wanna do, do what you enjoy! And, what other people seem to be enjoying.

As I’ve said to a lot of people already who are in the same boat as you: Don’t break the bank on my account.

The fact that you want to donate, giving me your well wish, or pimping out my offbeatr to your friends means a lot to me. Shit, the number of people, friends, and fellow artists that have been reblogging my pitch notices on tumblr fills me with so much joy. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate every little bit you send my way, even if it’s not money. It all means a lot to me!

8 days to go. 500 dollars to go. You have 36 supporters so far. Not rude, but don't you see this as a warning? I mean, yeash, the fact that it took this long to get up this high should be an indicator that there's less demand for gay art. Of course, you're well within your rights to do whatevs, but I don't see it as a smart financial decision

If I was doing this from a purely financial position I wouldn’t have switched content and would instead be drawing futa. Yes, there is more money in futa and lesbian content than gay, but that is not why I’m making the change.

I’m tired of drawing the above for a job, I wanted something different, I want to do something I feel a lot more passionate about and do what I find enjoyable. If I’m going to spend another 7-10 years drawing porn for a job I’d like it to be what I find arousing. Money is not the end all be all, and just because there is only 8 days left and I haven’t met my goal isn’t reason to assume that I’m going to fail.

A reminder to people that this is my personal blog. I’ll post and reblog what I like and what I want to share, I try to tag my stuff so you can blacklist if you don’t want to look at certain things I post, but again this is my blog.

If you’re just looking for my art then you can follow my galleries since that’s what they’re for:

In the coming weeks I’ll be revamping my main tumblr to include links to these places, tags to navigate my tumblr, as well as a master blacklist for people, and a Q&A.



She says before staying up a couple more hours c: AMIRITE?


ONLY IF YOU COME AND WATCH. See this was my devious plan all along.

….I have no idea what the hell I’ll draw :I

I have followed your art for a long time, but I have to admit you continuous and unrelenting advertisement for your new project is getting out of hand. You want money for your new project, fine. But please stop spamming. I am unfollowing you, because right now because it seems on every 'page' or so of my stream is you begging. It's unsightly.

Then unfollow me. That is within your right and your power to do so, but I will not feel bad for advertising a project I would like to see happen. I’m not forcing you to give me money, and I’m not forcing you to continue watching. For the most part I tag my reblogs for my Offbeatr with #Offbeatr so you could have easily blacklisted it. Besides, in 8 days the pitch will be over and obviously you won’t see the Offbeatr pimping after that.