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There's something that I've been pondering lately. Why are there two versions of the Shadeprowl twins? (One based off of the Night Elves in WoW, and one based off of a more human-esque design.) Is it a copyright thing because of Fireside Den's pay-for-access nature? Thanks in advance for your answer!

No, that’s because I’ve been, for the last year, slowly moving away from the WoW universe. They started off in it but my attachment to Warcraft as simply waned.

As a result I didn’t want to get rid of my boys so I started working on a race for them, which spurred a world, and a comic I want to get into. I like the creative freedom this has given me now, but at the same time there are still people that enjoy seeing the boys with purple skin so from time to time I like to draw their night elf versions c:

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i can’t figure out what’s up with the heights here

The brothers are of varying heights. Kelys (middle) is the shortest of the three at 6”11 iirc, Kyorlin (the one bound up) about 7’ something, and the tallest, Salanu at 8’3”. The heights aren’t spot on since really Salanu should be more than simply looking a foot taller that Kelys here, but the forces perspective was proving more difficult than I had originally anticipated.

So for the hell of it I decided to see just how productive I have been thus far for 2014 in the way of art. And this is what I have found:

16 commissions
3 comic pages (free)
3 collabs (free)
14 pinups (free)
29 pinups (work; including variants)
14 comic pages (work)
5 concept art (full color and non-colored sketches; work)
1 32-page comic storyboard (work)

85 pieces of art

This doesn’t include the art work I did for FiresideDen.com’s layout either, or the 2 WIP I have waiting to be finished (one a pinup the other a comic page). This makes me feel good c: